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What Role was Played by Virtual Numbers During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Businesses are interested in modern technologies that can help them improve client communication and enable them to connect with clients better. The pandemic sped up this requirement as people needed quick connectivity with businesses- banking, insurance, and most importantly, hospitals and medical suppliers. People must contact the government to get clarity on vaccinations, authorised centers, and much more to survive the pandemic. 

Virtual numbers played a massive role in communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, organisations opted to buy virtual numbers to offer seamless connectivity.

How Virtual Number Helped General Public?

Let's discuss the technology and how it helped the general public to maintain its sanity during the tiring times of the pandemic.

Instant Connectivity: The pandemic period was full of chaos, anxiety, and panic. People wanted quick connectivity with banks and medical staff more than ever. By incorporating the virtual number, organisations could provide fast connectivity to customers. The virtual calls are routed through secure servers of the host providers, which connects the organisation to the customers. There are no call drops with the virtual no, and people can effortlessly connect with the organisation, banks, financial institutions, or even hospitals quickly. This quick connectivity is also possible with the call routing feature. The solution automatically connects the calls to the available agents; therefore, the callers can speak to the agent immediately. It was a massive sigh of relief for the people making frantic calls to make appointments or get information about their financial transactions/ insurance status and other emergency services. 

Number Masking: People were making desperate calls to hospitals and clinics, making financial arrangements - they needed to speak to the insurance providers and talk with medical equipment suppliers- all this needed frequent communication on a large scale. People tend to become prey to cybercriminals as they can gain all the sensitive information and rob people of their hard-earned money in times of crisis. So, businesses wanted to buy virtual numbers to provide data security. The number masking hid the sensitive information, and with zero data viability, companies could protect their customers from a data breach. 

Call Tracking: The virtual number has a call tracking facility that lets the organisation monitor the call operations. No calls are lost due to miscommunication because details are available on the calls. The business can get back to the callers and address their queries. They can resolve the customer's issues promptly, providing them with quick query resolution. 

Routing Calls to Specific Agents: The software also allows routing calls to specific agents, which helps businesses to provide enhanced customer experience. People were in panic mode during the pandemic and needed quick answers from businesses. The solution helped provide fast connectivity with the right and offer quick query resolution. The agents could provide the remedial measures at the earliest. So, companies want to get the virtual number for its several benefits. 

Data Insights:  The virtual no allows businesses to monitor their call operations closely by providing real-time data. It empowers the organisation to make the best decisions based on the insights received. It helped companies during the pandemic know what customers are looking for, their most common queries, and evolving demands. It allowed businesses to meet the customers' needs and continue their operations successfully. The insights also shed light on the agents' performances and helped the business monitor agent efficiency while the employees worked remotely. The company could offer input regarding the proper training that allowed businesses to support the agents to provide an enhanced customer experience. 


Virtual nos have built-in several valuable features and offer many benefits. They have helped organisations to continue business as usual amid the uncertain times of the pandemic. It allowed companies to provide seamless connectivity to their clients and offer an enhanced customer experience. With its advanced features, the solution should be an integral part of any business organisation. Companies should invest in software to improve their client communication and continue offering exceptional customer service. If you are looking for the best options to buy the virtual number, then you might not have to look beyond Knowlarity. This cloud telephony company offers the software at the best prices. So, even if you run a small business, you can opt for the solution as it is budget-friendly. 

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