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Does Coaching Really Helps in Cracking SSC Exam...?


Welcome once again to an another awesome full of information blog which will help many government job aspirants out there in preparing for the various government job exams.

We have seen many times students getting confused that whether to take coaching for the SSC CGL banking and other government job exams or to prepare all by themselves saving on the time effort and money to go to a coaching and this is actually a very crucial question to be answered. This question arises primarily for the SSC and government job exams because these exams have a syllabus of only 10th class that is why students think that we can easily do it ourself moreover lot of free study material and classes are available on YouTube these days which helps a student in preparing for SSC CGL and other government job exams. Now let us understand point wise that which think comes with benefits & Negatives and how we can decrease the negative side of it...

1. Studying on YouTube over an SSC coaching institute: We have seen lakhs of students studying on YouTube these days specially after the revolution brought in by Reliance jio where a student can now recharge for 100 rupees amount and he can get 1.5 GB data everyday which is more than sufficient to do around 20 classes a day on YouTube. YouTube is an excellent source of information and helps in preparing for various government job exams in an excellent way. Not to forget that YouTube is absolutely free of cost and you can access the same chapters by different faculty members you have various choices you can study at your own timing and speed you can watch the classes any number of time and there are many other benefits like you do not have to go to a coaching institute this safe you on the travel cost on your coaching fees on your day today expenses and most importantly your travelling time.

But we have to understand the problem associated with only studying at YouTube is that YouTube does not offers doubt clear ends which is a very important aspect for any student preparing for the SSC CGL examination YouTube does not offers test series which is much required to evaluate a student on a regular basis YouTube becomes boring after a few days because there is not discipline and that is why we do not recommend only and only studying from YouTube and not joining and SSC coaching institute.

The recommendation from our side is to take advantage of both the world's do join a best SSC coaching institute for yourself so that you can have good guidance with you good faculty members with you you can have study material test series doubt clearing sessions and everything required to clear these exams and YouTube of course can be used as a backup or you can say as a revision think where you can revise the same chapters from various other teachers as well so that you can get best of both the worlds. Another important aspect that you cannot ignore while you are completely studying on YouTube is this stress on your eyes and brain which never happens when you are studying in the offline mode. We have seen many students complaining about the headache and pain in their eyes due to the increased screen time and this is another quite bad on your health and you should be definitely avoided. In our opinion it has to be a combination of both YouTube and offline classes so that you can get best of both the worlds. After sometime online classes actually become boring specially the recorded once because you are not able to interact with anyone they become monotonous and after sometime they also take a toil on your health.

2. What support an SSC coaching institute provide: Every SSC coaching institute understand that they are charging of fees in return of which they give right knowledge and support to the student every SSC coaching institute higher best faculty members with good experience so that the students can get the best mentorship from someone who is really good at government job preparation as well as can clear the doubt of this student on regular basis can keep the students in discipline and be like a friend with whom students can discuss anything.

A good SSC coaching institute also provide regular test series and both online and offline mode so that the students can evaluate themselves on a regular basis which is a very important aspect for any student who is preparing for the SSC CGL banking and other government job exams because antenna unless you evaluate yourself you will never get to know where exactly your big point is and where exactly you need to work. A good SSC coaching institute also provide online SSC classes for backup for the students just in case fuse students are not able to attend the class may be they are not well maybe there out of town so they can simply login and take the backup for the classes.

Another very important aspect for any good SSC coaching institute in Delhi is that they should also have proper doubt classes in the time table because this is the main reason why students join the coaching institute they can study online but online the face lot of problem in the discipline doubt clearance test series and more where as if the SSC coaching who is providing the offline classes will not give them regular doubt classes then there is no difference in the online or offline classes and there is no point paying so much fees. 

3. Study material and test series provided by the SSC coaching institute: Like it is said that when you go for a war you should have upgraded weapons so that you can win in the war similarly your study material and test series are your weapons with which few prepare for the war and if your study material is not updated and you are not giving regular test series then trust me your actually losing on 50% of your preparation and this is where the SSC coaching institute place really important role.

So it is not only about the discipline that you get when you join the coaching institute It is not only about the competitive environment that you get at the coaching institute it is not only about the regular doubt classes and support that you get at the coaching institute it is also about the study material and regular test series that and SSC coaching institute provides in both online and offline mode.

This study material and test series is something that you will definitely miss if you are preparing only from YouTube because on YouTube You Can see classes you can revise your chapters but when you want to prepare in a comprehensive manner then you obviously need study material and test series which is not provided by YouTube but a coaching institute can only provided. Yes this is also true you can still by the study material and test series from various other platforms like Amazon or maybe few online test series but then everything will be segregated you will not have everything at one place which sometimes becomes difficult to manage.

So overall if you want to come to a conclusion that if SSC coaching institute really helps a student and the simple answer is a big YES... actually there has to be a combination of everything and you should also follow the same you should study at a best SSC coaching in Delhi where you can get best faculty members you can get online test series you can get study material you can get doubt classes you can get a complete competitive environmental much more along with that you should also study at YouTube for revision purpose for extra concept clearance for extra numericals and that is our combination of both will actually help you clear the Government of exams with the good rank.

We hope above points must be helping many SSC CGL aspirants out there who want to clear the prestigious SSC CGL banking Railways another government job exams and get into a prestigious government job we will be coming up with more knowledgeable articles like this so that we can help all the students to the best of our ability.

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