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7 Best Greek Restaurants in Melbourne

There are many different types of Greek restaurants, from the more casual Greek diner to the upscale Greek bistro. No matter what your budget or taste, there is a Greek restaurant like itsgreek.com.au  to suit your needs. Greek food is healthy and flavorful, making it a great choice for a night out or a casual meal. Greek restaurants typically offer a variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

They say an interesting legend regarding European and Mediterranean cuisines has it that they met one night, had an out-of-this-world experience, and gave birth to Greek cuisine. It combines the best of both flavors to provide a pleasurable eating experience for you. From pita bread to souvlakis, slow-cooked lamb to rotisserie chickens, seafood to dolmades, and cheeses , all contain unforgettable taste.

Here is a list of the best Greek restaurants in Melbourne.

1. Stalactites

The Best Greek restaurant in Melbourne is called Stalactites. Since 1978, this veteran restaurant has provided diners a meal of souvlaki, dips, and baked items to start a night time or end their evening. Patrons may sample delicious dips, chicken, and lamb gyros, and for those who hunger after a significant meal, the restaurant's moussaka will leave you in a stupor.

2. Bahari The Hellenic Palate

The Hellenic Palate is a Greek restaurant unlike any other. The distinctive aspect of the restaurant is the way it applies Hellenic gastronomy and facilitates this lifestyle through its satisfying menu. 

With ever-changing specials, customers can try something different each time they visit.But a stagnant menu favorite is the moussaka; a dish layered with a corpulent amount of potato and based in heart-of-heart ground meat. Other appetizing menu choices include the spanakopita sauce meatballs and the tandoori prawns with mayonnaise.

3. Tsindos

There are plenty of good places to eat on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne, and Tsindos Greek Restaurant is not an exception. Tsindos has been serving traditional Greek food for 40 years. The casual atmosphere at Tsindos makes it a fantastic place to have a cozy talk with friends while enjoying a substantial meal.

As the third-best Greek restaurant Melbourne, you can anticipate mixed dips, saganaki, grilled octopus, dolmades, Greek salad, seafood platters, meat platters souvlakis, and desserts. Other traditional Greek appetizers include halloumi, grilled artichoke and feta, fried zucchini, and more!

4. Venus & Co. Kitchen and Bar

Let's state that Venus & Co is a distinct Greek restaurant in Melbourne with a twist, an Cypriot one. Cypriot concoctions give you a taste of each world. They carefully prepare traditional food and confectionery production. However, beware! Their slow-roasted lamb shoulder is bursting with juiciness and goodness, with pomegranate glaze and honey.

5. Jim’s Greek Tavern

Greek goddess statuettes, palace-like walls and a bustling restaurant atmosphere with servers calling out orders in Greek; those are just some of the distinguishing features of Jim's Greek Tavern. Popular Greek food selections include souvlaki and meze, served in a lively, long-running brick tavern with a chimney.

In the wake of this distinguished institution's reputation, the classic dishes at this fine farmhouse are delicious and distinctive. You will be offered a vast selection of homemade dips, and a choice of meats and seafood. The restaurant grounds also specialise in seafood, lamb, and Galaktoboureko (that is a dessert).

6. Agapi

Since time immemorial, Agapi has been serving Melbourne's traditional Greek cuisine. The menu encourages you to try a variety of appetizers as part of the dining experience. Richmond's top Greek restaurant has it all — fine dips and share starters, kebabs in a splendid atmosphere with excellent service. Try the quail or mixed grill consisting of an assortment of tasty meats, such as souvlaki and lamb chops. The ideal location to share a meal with someone special.

7. Yassas

With three time-based areas during their operating hours that are full of visitors, Yassas is something out of the cosmos. Offering a Melbourne-esque twist on the unique Mediterranean street food, you will relish the bustling highlights of Greece with a Melbourne twist. Opt for a wall-to-wall menu option, which has choices for everyone, but settle upon one of the traditional dishes on the restaurant's menu.

In conclusion, Greek restaurants offer delicious Mediterranean cuisine, friendly service and reasonable prices. These restaurants have been around for decades and have always satisfied customers. Whether you are in the mood for a gyro or spanakopita, Greek restaurants are always a great option to satisfy your cravings.

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