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Floorspace Natural Rugs : Smart Choice For Smart People


With increasing environmental concerns, the order of the day is to go green in our daily choices. Be it toilet soap to carry bags, people have been increasingly resorting to organic and natural products for everyday usage. Rugs have always been in vogue since ancient times to ward off allergens and cover wooden tables or floors. However, with changing times, the benefits augmented and in current context, rugs have found application in almost every sphere of life. The stimulation of a healthful atmosphere has given vent to popularity of natural rugs at offices, factories, the industrial sector along with homes. Increasing global crisis and concern for pollution level has led to an increase in the production of natural rugs. Well, the affordability and cost effectiveness of natural rugs blending perfectly with the health benefits has led to a stratospheric increase in its demand among the public.

Before venturing for a new rug, it is highly recommended to go for natural rugs as they offer five star benefits. Some of them are listed below:

Natural rugs are absolutely environment friendly. They are biodegradable in nature, not only the manufacturing, but also its disintegration is absolutely pollution free i.e. it does not emit any harmful toxins into the environment. Derived from natural sources, natural rugs are sustainable and put no pressure on our existing resources. Also, owing to the natural raw materials of these rugs, they are 100% renewable.

Synthetic rugs usually emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. On the contrary, a freshly laid natural rug may emit a peculiar smell when first laid, but it quickly dissipates within the first few hours.

Floorspace natural rugs are durable and promise to stand the test of time victoriously. It can withstand high wear and tear and thus the most preferred choice for high traffic areas where you expect a lot of people walking over it.

Natural rugs are anti static i.e. it is resistant to electric charges. Owing to the molecular structure of these fibres, natural rugs are noise absorbing which implies it absorbs excessive noise in the areas where they are laid. This attribute of natural rugs makes them an ideal choice for library, study room, bedroom where you wish to be at peace most of the times. Furthermore, it is fire resistant that is does not catch fire easily.

Available in range of colours, design and pattern, one can choose from Floorspace natural rugs suiting the theme of the home. There is no dearth of option and one can choose the weave, pattern, texture and colour suiting your exclusive style and taste.

Let’s have a sneak peek into the different variety of natural rugs:

Sisal rugs: this variety of natural rugs is derived from the leaves of Agave Sisalana, a species of cactus family. It is anti static and fire resistant in nature.

This variety of natural rugs is brilliantly durable. It makes for an ideal choice for high traffic areas due to its strength benefits. It purifies the atmosphere at places where they are laid by absorbing harmful dirt and dust particles hovering around.

Jute rugs: it is amongst the oldest type of natural rugs. This natural rug has a natural sheen and brightness to it. Interestingly the cultivation of jute doesn’t require any fertilizers or pesticides and therefore, you can appreciate yourself for going easy on environment by purchasing jute rugs.

Sea grass rugs: the natural rug is derived from reed like grasses that is woven into array of patterns. It has natural sheen to it and is very smooth to touch. Also, it is anti allergic in nature.             

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