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Common Carpet Cleaning Myths or Mistakes

There are many individuals who are of the view that carpet cleaning Adelaide is quite simple and can be done by almost any individual. However, this is not true actually.

Prior to starting the whole procedure, it is important for individuals to remain aware of the right ways of removing stains and dirt and extending the life span of the carpet.

Common Carpet Cleaning Myths or Mistakes

Some of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes made by people are as follows:

Waiting Until The Carpet Turns Dirty And Dull

This is one of the most common mistakes that make the whole carpet cleaning procedure difficult mainly if the expectations are of making the carpet look new again.

It is known to many individuals that the carpet collects airborne dust particles and dirt readily along with microorganisms attaching themselves to the particles.

However, in order to save costs, people generally call for carpet cleaning services only when the carpet looks dirty and even smells dirty.

The effect of collected rubbish on the carpet should not be undermined as this can result in abrasion while walking on the carpet.

This further has the carpet wearing off prematurely. Regular vacuuming is not sufficient for removing deeply collected dirt.

Therefore, it is always wise to take the services of carpet cleaning professionals for fulfilling tasks like dust removal and elimination of stains and micro organisms lurking in the carpet.

Using Cleaning Products and Water in Excess

This is another common mistake made by carpet users looking to clean their carpets. Thinking that the use of water and cleaning products in excess can thoroughly clean the carpet is nothing but a myth.

Cleaning products and water used excessively are generally very hard to soak up resulting in mold growth.

It is also not a good idea to make use of strong cleaning products as they can dissolve colors and damage the fibers of the carpet.

Therefore, reading the labels of cleaning products carefully and checking whether they contain unwanted chemicals and formulas is important.

Scrubbing Stains

This is definitely not a good idea for the carpet. Hard scrubbing can help in removing stains but it will damage the fibers of the carpet at the same time. Blotting the stain with a towel and waiting for some time for the towel to absorb it and then making use of a good quality stain remover is always a good idea.

All Carpet Cleaning Methods are Good

No, different carpet cleaning procedures produce different results based on the technology used.

There are different carpet cleaning procedures used by professionals and depending on the budget that you have set for this service, you can make the choice of a method.


Hopefully, the above details will help you in avoiding some common mistakes in relation to carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning and maintenance are serious jobs and they must be left to serious and experienced professionals. Wait no further and use your hard-earned money on something valuable.

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