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Why Do I Need Teeth Whitening?


We know everyone wants to drink and eat delicious foods and beverages like colorful fruits or red wine and black tea. But are the disadvantages of these delicious foods and drinks within your oral and dental health? Unfortunately, coffee and blackberries may discolor your teeth over time, so you need something special to whiten them to their natural color. Teeth whitening is the best and most affordable method to whiten and brighten your smile. Moreover, it would help if you stopped drinking some effective beverages or eating colorful foods and fruits to protect the color of your teeth and maintain the successful result whitening process. Some foods and drinks probably stain your teeth, so the surface of your teeth will become stained and discolored. Sometimes, this discoloration and stain will go to the inner surface of your teeth, so it will be too hard to remove them. You may need more potential methods.


Can Teeth Whitening Remove the Inner Stains? 

According to a dentist performing teeth whitening in Newmarket, it should be noted that teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic dentistry service that changes the color of your teeth' surface. It cannot be too strong to remove the inner yellow color of your teeth.

The inner stain of your teeth is not easy to remove. It means cosmetic dental doctors cannot whiten the inner surface of your teeth. In this case, you will need other cosmetic dental therapies like dental veneers or dental crowns.

The whitening process is only good enough for those with stains on the surface of their teeth because it cannot clean the deep inside of your teeth. To avoid making the inner surface of your teeth yellow or discolored, you need to stop eating and drinking any acidic and colorful food or beverages. 

The outer surface of your teeth can be affected by acidic beverages so the dental enamel will be damaged. The outer cover is a supportive layer for your teeth's inner surface. 


What Can Teeth Whitening Do?

As we have said in the previous parts, the whitening process is impressive and good enough only for the outer surface of your teeth. Therefore, it is better to eat something without colorful effects.

The outer surface of teeth is not a big deal because whitening methods can easily change its color. You must be careful about the inner side of your teeth. If you eat and drink anything acidic, you will damage the inner surface. 

Let's explain it to you. You have the outer surface of teeth, and the acid erodes at the teeth, and then you have the colorful agent, whether it is coffee, tea, or wine. It sticks to the surface of your teeth until you brush it off, drink some water, or do something to get it away. 

So what if you have wine since red wine is most people's favorite drink? The red wine sticks to your teeth, and if you don’t even brush them that night, it will affect the inner parts of your teeth. Don’t forget to brush your teeth regularly. 


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