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What Are the Differences between Orthodontics and other Dental Treatments?


Orthodontics is one of the most practical dental treatments, but it differs from pediatric or general dental treatments. One of the notable differences between these dental treatments is counting or numbering the teeth. Orthodontists use other systems; they start counting from the middle of the mouth. So, everything is counting from the middle part of your gum line. The central teeth are considered as one. Next to the one tooth, you will have the lateral teeth, twos. In the following counting process, the canines are threes, premolars are 4, 5, 6, 7, and then it reaches wisdom teeth that are 8.

According to an experienced orthodontist in Mississauga, the primary thing about this dental treatment is the counting of teeth for the midline. For a better understanding, we will give you some examples of different methods available for Orthodontists. Stay with us for further information.

How Is the Teeth Numbering in Orthodontics?

As mentioned in the first part, there are some differences between orthodontics and other dental treatments. One of the most important differences is the counting process. 

For example, the third tooth, in general, dental terms, is different from the ortho terms. The third tooth, in general dental terms, is the first molar, while the third tooth for Orthodontists is canines. 

Therefore, the entire mouth case in the general dental process differs from the ortho procedure. The whole mouth teeth mean extracting all number 4 teeth. It means the orthodontists are going to remove all first premolars. 

You need to know the fundamental differences between ortho terms and general ones. Besides naming the teeth is different in this dental term, the teeth numbering is also different. It is crucial to get familiar with vital things about orthodontists' treatments. 

Generally, in counting teeth, everything starts from the center, and the Orthodontists go out from the central part of your jawbone. 

What Are the Differences between Nighttime Wire and Stainless Steel Wire in Orthodontics?

There is no essential size difference between these dental wires. Unfortunately, there is a common misconception about these dental wires' size. It is possible to have the same size and dimension of an excellent high wire, a nickel-titanium wire, versus a stainless steel wire that can be the same size. 

Based on this information, size is not the critical issue or vital difference between these dental wires. Their materials are the most important differences. The nighttime wire is super flexible. No matter what you do, you can easily bend or shape it.

Nighttime wires always return to the exact shape because it is nickel-titanium wire. According to mentioned things, orthodontists mostly use this wire and start this treatment with the help of nighttime wire. 

Nighttime wires are the best choice because most people and patients have crooked, crowded, and misshapen teeth. So, you cannot put the stainless steel wire due to the position of your teeth.

These wires need to be more flexible. As it is clear, your orthodontist will also start your treatment with the help of nighttime dental wires.

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