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Self Love - The Greatest Gift We Can Give Ourselves

What is the most precious thing in this life? Well, when you ask this question to people around you, they will come up with different answers. Some will say it is money; some say it is power, and many more answers. However, do you feel these are the most valuable things? What about love? In addition to that, what about self-love? Self-love is one of the most ignored aspects these days. 

How you feel about yourself determines many things for you in this world. Your self-image is exactly how this world will look to you. However, we keep looking for outside validation and expecting love from others. As a result, we only end up hurting ourselves. Kristina Mand-Lakhiani, in her book “Becoming Flawesome”, takes us on an amazing journey. Here, you will discover your authentic self and get to know the ultimate happiness. 

Loving Others Is Not About Self Sacrificing

Most of us think that loving others is about self-sacrificing. Well, it is never the scenario. The world does not need your sacrifice. How can you benefit the world by losing yourself? You can never do that. 

However, when you are the best version of yourself, you will benefit society and yourself. The true meaning of loving others is what kind of safehouse you can be for them. It determines whether you love them or not. On the contrary, people believe that when you lose yourself in love, that is love. It is never the reality. Till your glass is filled yourself, you cannot pour anything into the other person. 

Self Love Is The True Rescue

In this busy schedule of life, we tend to lose ourselves. Being so engrossed in our tasks and with others, there is no time left for ourselves. However, this should never be the scenario. You can always take out time for yourself. Here are some of the things that you can do:

Take time to appreciate yourself. What an amazing imperfection you are! Cherish yourself and fall in love with your flaws to find a pass to #BecomingFlawesome.

Enjoy your own company rather than seeking someone else when you are alone. Enjoy the small moments that you have with you where you are mindful. Being mindful of yourself at each moment can be a wonderful thing to do. 

In addition, take some time out to do your favorite activities. Eat your favorite food, visit your favorite place, and enjoy your time. 

Self Love Is The Cure

People take self-love for granted. However, being dependent on others will set you in the chain of expectations. In return, you will get hurt. The cycle is not a great place to be in! Kristina Mand-Lakhiani beautifully explains this concept in her book. She takes you on a therapeutic journey. 

So, embrace this beautiful journey that starts with self-love. Till the point that you love yourself, you can love others. The world is a place that does not need your sacrifice but your best self. So, bring your book today and start the beautiful journey. 

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