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Check this guide to buying the best headphones


Sound quality is vital for those who are looking for headphones. Yet for some, big bass is a factor that they prefer with a full-range reproduction that highlights overall accuracy. Other factors include comfort, fit, isolation, weight, and portability. There are numerous choices out there when buying a new pair of headphones. Popular brands and best sites like Addicted to Audio with captivating sound production and features noise cancellation.

While some are made to be used for sports such as swimming or running, there are many designs, types, and uses. Maybe you are wondering where to start? You only need to think about where you’ll use it for. If you love traveling, then you have to sort that have lighter weight, terrific sound quality, and a longer-lasting battery. Or you can go for an over-ear if you like to enjoy a movie.

Beneficial terms to familiarize before buying headphones


The measure of electrical resistance of a certain device is known as impedance. It is specified in ohms. The battery power consumes more if there is more electrical resistance in your headphones. Yet, the packaging may also indicate the battery time of the headphones so this mustn’t be an issue.


It’s the heart and core of your headphones. Models differ in their shape and size and the driver may be created differently. Yet, almost all consist of a diaphragm, magnets, and voice coil. When you turned on the headphones, the parts make the diaphragm vibrate. This sends the sound waves over the ear as sound.

       Frequency Response

Frequency Response commands the sound range that it can play on. Various models have an eminent emphasis on bass. Others are in treble while others are usually in between. This can aid make your selection of headphones through the sound quality that you are going to get. More bass makes it more comfortable compared to the higher pitch distorted ones.

       Noise Cancellation Feature

Headphones with a noise cancellation present keep out low-frequency background noise from the outside. It produces an opposite soundwave so that it succeeds in taking away the noise. Remember that it only works on low sound frequency. For the occasion the hum of the fan while you’re listening to your music on your headphones.

Know what to search for when choosing headphones

       Comfort and Fit

Comfort is necessary, headphone when worn shortly feels fine. Yet, when worn for longer periods, many feel uncomfortable. Weight is a great factor, the lighter headphones are more comfortable.


You like your headphones to last, durability usually equates with heavier weight. Light headphones can be napped in half or sat more easily. It’s a lot less low-priced to replace the ear pads or rabble than to replace a complete set.


Listening during physical activity isn’t an issue. Get the lightweight portables created for that purpose.

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