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5 Unique things to do in Plattsburgh


How many of you are coming to the city of Plattsburgh? Having close proximity to the Canadian-US border, the city is a historic area where the Revolutionary War’s Battle of Valcour Island occurred. Located in NY, the city is easily a popular tourist destination. With bustling cornerstone towns in Northern New York, there are countless opportunities for a great vacation during the calm and warm summers as well as the unpredictable yet exciting winters.

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1. Point Au Roches State Park

This park is situated on the north western shore of Lake Champlain. Visit the Point Au Roches State Park to find open spaces and forested areas. This place is perfect for relaxation and recreational activities. You can get updates on the latest posts and more from Family Destinations Guide straight to your inbox.

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2. Elfs Farm Winery & Cider House

This house is all about the ADK Hard Cider. Being a producer of premium, craft hard ciders, this house is fun in the city. In addition, the Elfs Farm lets you hang out in an inviting bar with live music, good music, and great people. Enjoy your Friday Night Wine Down and Open Mic every Sunday at the Elfs Farm Winery & Cider House.

3. Plattsburgh City Beach

Love for beaches? Plattsburgh City Beach is a beautiful freshwater beach featuring seasonal swimming areas, a scenic nature trail, picnic tables, and a dog park. This place is a perfect suggestion for you, and it’s hanging out at Plattsburgh City Beach. Come here to enjoy the breeze by the beach as you watch children fly their kites. With the calming sound of waves, and enjoying the sunset by the beach in the late afternoon, this site also offers tons to do at the beach.

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4. Champlain Valley Transportation Museum

This museum was founded in 2000 by a group of local car and history enthusiasts. Rush to the Champlain Valley Transportation Museum which offers memorabilia on the history of Lozier Motors. This museum has grown in scope to cover all the transportation in the area.

5. The War of 1812 Museum

This museum is managed and maintained by the Battle of Plattsburgh Association. Head to this War of 1812 Museum that aims to explore the causes and effects of the War of 1812 and the Battle of Plattsburgh. Here, you can go for an educational tour at the War of 1813 Museum. People come here to learn about the largest invasion in US history that took place here in Plattsburgh.

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