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Why should one consume walnuts?


Food is an essential part of human life. Absence of required nutrients results in the creation and spread of a variety of diseases. Likewise, eating unhealthy junk can attract dangerous health conditions. This is why doctors recommend edibles like walnuts. Most dry fruits carry a range of benefits like the ones mentioned below. If you are keen on maintaining or improving your physical system, check out the website that sells pepper cashews, black pepper cashews, walnuts, almonds, and many tastier snacks.

·         Heart health

·         Cancer risk

·         Brain function

·         Inflammation

·         Immunity

Heart health: Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids that benefit the cardiovascular system. Daily consumption of walnuts regulates blood pressure. The production of good cholesterol is important compared to bad cholesterol. Omega-3 fatty acids will take up the responsibility of increasing good cholesterol levels and decreasing bad cholesterol. This trait of walnuts helps in boosting the function of blood vessels and reduce inflammation.

Cancer risk: Plant compounds such as polyphenols, urolithins, and omega-3 fatty acids are present in walnuts. Anticancer properties are available in these components. This is why walnut consumption can reduce the risk of cancers like colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer. The association for cancer research in America has shared information that said eating a handful of walnuts on a daily basis can prevent breast cancer.

Brain function: If you are experiencing cognitive decline, walnuts are the right source of medicine. Yes, as omega-3 fatty acids are available in walnuts, they possess the ability to regulate cognitive decline. A study conducted to test the effect of walnuts proved that elderly people who consumed walnuts daily experienced better cognitive functions.

Inflammation: Believe it or not people suffering from inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, eczema, and asthma can experience improvement in their health by eating walnuts. This is because of the composition of walnuts which comprises essential fatty acids. As a result, they can help patients fight inflammation alongside reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. Polyphenols can reduce inflammation too.

As polyphenols can improve lipid profile they will lower cholesterol oxidation; more oxidized cholesterol is not good for the health of the heart. It is said that raw walnuts are better compared to roasted ones as they have higher antioxidant properties which mean polyphenols in lower concentration is enough to regulate the oxidation process.

Immunity: If you are interested to prevent the occurrence of diseases by strengthening your immune system, consume walnuts. The addition of walnuts to your diet is a smart way to stay healthy and strong. The availability of minerals and vitamins in walnuts such as vitamin B6 and copper will boost your immunity.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that eating walnuts will promote heart health, boost immunity, and brain function, and reduce the risk of cancer and inflammation. That being said, it is crucial to pick a reliable entity to buy dry fruits such as walnuts, pepper cashews, black pepper cashews, and almonds. The quality of the purchased edible determines one’s health condition. 

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