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What Are the Different Purposes of an Advertising Agency?

If you are planning to hire an advertising agency to work on your ad campaigns, it is advisable to understand its functions and objectives. In addition, you should know what type of fee structure to expect from a good advertising agency. Generally, they are paid on a Cost plus basis. However, there is another type of remuneration that the agency can charge, and this is called "performance-based" remuneration.

Objectives of an advertising agency

One of the most important functions of an advertising agency is to assist clients like Entrepreneur Alternative in designing and executing promotional programs. This process requires a good relationship between the client and the agency. Often, this relationship involves trust and respect relationship between the two parties. It is important for the advertiser to fully trust the agency in its job, and the agency must feel confident in its ability to deliver results. Failure to do so can result in the breakdown of the relationship.

Functions of an advertising agency

An advertising agency provides a full range of services to clients for advertising their products and services. They act as consultants, agents, and brokers between media owners and advertisers. Their duties range from planning and creating the entire advertisement to conducting market research. They also provide guidance and recommendations on media selection. These services are often provided in tandem with other services offered by an agency.

Ad agencies bring together people with the required expertise and experience to execute a brand campaign. They are composed of a range of creative and technical personnel, such as copywriters, graphic designers, researchers, and photographers. Their job is to translate and execute the personality of a product into an ad campaign that will make a difference to consumers.

Fee structure of an advertising agency

When it comes to the fee structure, there are many factors to consider. Agencies use a mix of fee structures. Some use a retainer, while others use a fee-based model. Some are hybrids of both. However, it is important to note that remuneration for advertising is still highly dependent on cost inputs.

In addition to a retainer fee, some agencies will charge for media costs, which vary widely from one advertising agency to another. These costs can range greatly, depending on the type of media used. In some cases, these costs can be quite high. For example, printing costs for direct mailers, brochures, sell sheets, flyers, and other print materials can be expensive.

Responsibility of an advertising agency

A marketing agency's responsibility is to create the right advertising campaign that targets the target audience. Using original and worthwhile ideas, these agencies create advertisements and campaigns that will resonate with consumers. In addition to the creation of effective advertisements, advertising agencies also monitor and manage the campaigns. The agency's responsibility extends to providing a comprehensive account of expenses and revenues.

In addition to creating effective advertising campaigns, agencies must also monitor the effectiveness of these campaigns to ensure that the client's marketing dollars are spent in the most effective way. 

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