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Benefits of using InDesign Pug-in for catalog creation

Distributors need to prepare multiple catalogs for e-commerce that are customer specific. Catalog creation is of utmost importance but can be a boring and time-consuming process. 

 Using automated tools can be of great help in speeding up the process of catalog generation. InDesign Plugin for catalog generation simplifies and accelerates the process in the following ways


catalog creation


1. Availability of drag-and-drop feature- InDesign plug-in with P21 integration has drag-and-drop features. Brochures, price lists, catalogs, and product tables can be created easily using the feature. This is a very simple method and requires no technical expertise.


2. Creating automated catalogs using the information from the P21 system- The P21 system has all the product information-description, price lists, specifications etc. This information is automatically imported to the InDesign software and can be used to create multiple pages with varying layouts- different product image placements, detail tables, flow charts etc. Manual creation of catalogs involves going back and forth between the product information system and the catalog creation software which takes a lot of time and effort.


3. Makes it easier to update or make changes to the catalog- Changes made into the P21 systems are automatically integrated into the catalogs made with InDesign without affecting the overall layout and format of the catalog. Without this feature, all the changes have to be made manually which slows down the updating process.


4. Helps to create Aesthetic custom templates-InDesign plug-in facilitates the creation of catalogs with various layouts. InDesign has some sample pre-designed templates and a vast library that can be used to create brochures. There are a variety of options to choose from- different table styles, text fonts, flow charts, paragraph styles etc.


5. 24X 7 InDesign Team support-Users can contact the support team if a problem arises. The InDesign plug-in is compatible with Mac and Windows. Efforts are made to continuously improve the user experience by introducing new features and updates in the Adobe creative cloud.


Thus, creating catalogs with an InDesign plug-in with P21 integration can be greatly beneficial.


Distributors need to have a user-friendly and efficient e-commerce website to improve the customer experience to speed up business growth. P21 B2B seller solution has become redundant and offers several challenges- poor SEO performance, lousy mobile support etc. New e-commerce solutions tightly integrated into P21 can replace your P21 B2B seller solution by helping in the following ways -

1. Provision of self-service tools to help the customers to view the order history, and tax invoices, ask about quotes for Bulk orders, custom products etc.


2. Automated transfer of data from P21 to enable the customers to keep a track of their orders improving the user experience and reducing the burden on the support team.


3. Automated pulling of Details from P21 - inventory, prices etc. that can be viewed by the customers in real-time eliminating the need to manually change the prices.


4. facilitating communication between the customer and the support team using the live chat option, instead of calling or physically visiting the office of the seller.


5. Giving customers the flexibility to place orders anytime, easing the work of sales time by eliminating the extra work of manually taking orders.


Thus, new E-commerce solutions integrated into P21 can effectively replace P21 B2B seller solutions.

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