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Handling Work Stress When in Recovery

 Work stress is twice as hard for recovering addicts as it is for ordinary employees. The fact that you can easily slide back to your old habits is threat enough. No one wants to return to their old ways when they have come this far. So how does a recovering addict handle work pressure ad stress without falling for the temptation to quit?

Stress Vs. Addiction

Stress is a health condition like any other. Anyone with issues at work is at a higher risk of developing stress. This explains why many find escape in drinking after a long tiring day. What many don’t understand is that this only worsens things as it leads to addiction. The following things are likely to happen when you are stressed:

  • Muscles tense up

  • It causes physical and emotional strain 

  • Blood pressure and blood sugar levels rise 

  • Stress releases neurochemicals and hormones 

  • Heart rate increases 

In other news, it is important to note that stress and drugs release similar chemicals in the brain. So this means that your chances of being a substance abuser increase if you are constantly stressed.

Handling Work Stress as Recovering Addict

Since the risks of relapsing increase with stress, you must understand how to handle work stress. What most people do is find the stressors and address them instead of ignoring them. Ignoring emotions is dangerous because it piles up and blows up. 

Suppose you get overwhelmed while at work; take a few steps away from the task and breathe before returning to it. Take bathroom breaks, walks, and anything that can distract you from the mounting pressure for some time. Only get back to the tough situation once you have figured out how best to handle situation.

However, it is not always possible to take bathroom breaks. So it would be best to learn how to practice mindfulness to release tension eventually. The suggestions below will help.

a. Journal: Channel all your frustrations into a book and get a safe release. This way, you don’t have to erupt because you have vented and released it into your book.

b. Commune with Nature: Nature has a way of healing our souls. Make out time to visit nature and breathe. You will be surprised at how this works since it helps boost concentration and naturally releases stress.

c. Be Creative: There are several creative activities you could engage in, includign art. try an artist outlet that allows you to be creative.

d. Meditate: Channeling all your thoughts in one direction and relaxing mindfully helps you to feel better. Meditation can help you get there since you learn to shut out all the noise and concentrate on what gives you peace.

e. Find new things to do: Move away from the thing causing you stress. Of course, the last thing you do is make mistakes that will cost you your job. Instead, move on to other things and revisit the stressful one when you are better positioned to think through.

f. Set boundaries: Lack of boundaries is responsible for many relapses. Be sure to know your limit and not overstretch it. Putting too much pressure on yourself jeopardizes your job and could push you back to addiction.

F. Listen to Music: Music heals and refreshes. When you can, try to choose soothing music to help heal your soul whenever you are distressed.

g. Therapy works: once you start having fears of relapse; find a professional therapist to walk with you. You have invested too much in failing. This should never happen when you can get the support you need from a therapist that understands your struggles.

h. Exercise: This works to set you free and releases feel-good endorphins. You can boost your mood by simply exercising, which is important.

Know that addiction and stress are sometimes beyond your control. Work on finding a balance that keeps you sane and prevents relapsing.

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