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E-Waste Management: Basics Of E-Waste Management Solutions

E-waste is the name given to refrigerators, and electronic products that have expired or their life has ended. People threw them away as they were no longer usable. Things like refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, computers, smartphones, fax machines, and stereos are everyday electronic products. 

Garbage needs to be disposed of in the dumping grounds. And in the present time, more concentration is given to waste management as they pose a serious environmental threat. More specific is E-waste. At present, a massive amount of E-waste is generated every year, which is harmful to the environment. Here I will be discussing some of the E-waste management solutions

Effects of E-waste

With the dropping prices of electronic products, they are in high demand in the market. Electronic products are hugely sold worldwide. Moreover, in the present time, their use is also growing, almost everywhere you will find the use of electronic items. Thus, the more the use, the more will be wasted. 

The e-waste is not managed correctly; they impose severe threats to life and the environment. E-waste contains contaminants like- lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, etc., which are very harmful and can lead to diseases like- cancer, neurological damage, miscarriages, diminished IQ, etc. They also emit poisonous gases causing problems in the lungs and respiratory system. Every year more than 47 million tons of e-waste are produced.   

E-waste management solutions

To decrease the harmful effects of E-waste, you should take some necessary steps to protect the environment and our planet Earth. For E-waste management, certain steps can be taken that are: 

  • Recycling -The most effective method of E-waste management is recycling. Many electronic products can be recycled, reused, and refurbished, making them usable. You can take the parts from the electronic item, separate them from the main body, and use them on another device, which will decrease the wastage and eliminate the waste. The recycled products can meet the high demand for recycling metals from used devices used to make other new products. 

  •  Educating people on waste management -The second most effective method is educating people and how vital waste management is and the importance of e-waste management. You should tell people not to throw away e-waste in the open. They should be appropriately dumped and checked if they can be reused in other ways. You can also write and mention the importance of recycling and reusing electronic products on various sites, mainly social media, to attract and make more people aware of e-waste management. 

These are the most effective methods to control e-waste management and lower them. The recycled and reused items are also sold in the markets, which benefits the country's economy. These industries also give the city or state job opportunities and tax revenues. The more you educate people about E-waste management solutions, the easier it will be to control e-waste. You have to make people understand the value of managing e-waste, which seriously threatens living things and the environment. Only when everyone comes together can the issue of e-waste be tackled.

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